As our company slogan says, good music goes everywhere, we strive to get our clients’ music heard globally. The company’s mission is at the heart of our everyday by successfully managing the client’s music, adapting to rapid changes in the industry and keeping up with new demands.

Music Distribution
As an established music publisher, we have the ability to sell your music to mainstream audiences and collect royalty on your behalf globally. We distribute your music through hundreds of digitals stores and online radio stations such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon, as well as, music channels like YouTube and Vevo. Our digital partners allow us to take your music everywhere and anywhere. As service provider, our incentives are aligned to help build long-term asset value with clients.

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Copyright Management

We manage your music copyright by registering your compositions with the United States Copyright Office and making sure that those songs are also protected in foreign countries. We provide information to representatives in foreign territories so that those representatives remain aware of current development with respect to your work. We also give potential users prompt and correct information on songs being considered for use by record companies, video distributors, ringtone companies, television, and film producers so that decisions can be made quickly.

Ctoonz properly administrate your music composition by filing necessary information to mechanical and performing rights organizations. We review royalty statements and make sure they are correct, audit record companies and other licensees. We also keep good record of when income is due and follow up when it’s not received, negotiate licenses and collect monies due. 

As a copyright administrator, we will arrange for manufacture and distribution of sheet music, folios, songwriter compilations, “how to play” internet, DVD and CD packages, and other music-oriented books. We will secure uses of songs in advertising commercials, infringers of musical compositions and negotiating settlements, when appropriate. Together with our missing – good music goes everywhere –our main goal is to stay abreast of new development and formulating relevant policies and procedures so that songs may earn maximum compensation.

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Legal Services

We provide legal services that helps protect artist’s composition, brand and company. We help artist register as songwriter with Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAP or BMI to collect royalty. If you want to own the commercial use of your stage name, we can trademark your name, logo or a unique expression (all together known as your brand) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Looking to start your own business? We can field an Article of Incorporation to establish the existence of your corporation. We will register the name of your company and incorporate your company so you can legally do business. Last, if you ever come across an opportunity, situation or just want to do business the right way and need a contract, we are here to help you with that as well.

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Music Production

Our goal as music producers is to take our client’s music to a new professional level. We focus on quality, productivity and professionalism, providing our clients with the proper knowledge and music that will enhance their creativity. No matter who you are, we are dedicated to delivering the right coaching and the best possible quality.

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“Good people to work with. Always available to answer any questions or concered.”

- Ifrain Parada

Artist Manager

“Excellent, any one who wants to do music, they will give you perfect work.”

- Albek

Reggaeton Artist

The best producer in town.”

- Babyjay

Rap Artist

“Great atmosphere, the most up to date modern equipment and they help with just about anything you need to get you where you need to go in the music industry.”

- Accento

Reggaeton Artist

“They are very responsible and easy to work with. I recommend their services and work.”

- Minor Tunez

Dembow Artist

“There very responsible, reliable staff and team members and they work to protect the artist’s best interest.”


Reggaeton & RnB Artist

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